Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

SNC Former Public Company Limited and its affiliates adhere to Triple Bottom Line in conducting their business along with taking into account the environment, society and corporate governance to pursue its sustainable business achievement.

Vision on Sustainability

SNC shall be a business organization found upon fair business practice and treatment of stakeholders, community, society and environment and determined to be in the front line in applying innovation for human resource development and ultimate social development.

Philosophy of Sustainable Business Operation“Human resource development leads to social development”

As we believe that human resource can be the company’s value added asset, we adopt a philosophy in human resource management

Mission toward Sustainability

  • Improve staff competency to serve business competition and labor shortage, draw up a plan for career path allowing each employee to have progress their his/her career and better quality of life.
  • Allow staff to take part in business administration and cheer up a sense of belonging.
  • Comply with policy on corporate governance and establish organization culture of transparency and anti-corruption.
  • Join with academic institution in producing qualified personnel that meet the industrial sector’s need
  • Conduct business with accountability to stakeholders.
  • Reduce waste from production process, control material use in effective manner, reduce resources consumption and environmental impact, develop new product which is environmental-friendly.
Guidelines on Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Participation Channel Anticipation Guideline
  • Listen to opinion and complaint
  • Participate with community in accordance with the Company’s plan
  • Operate business which will not affect to life quality of community, environment and society
  • Support activities of community
  • Conduct project for community, support occupation, education, etc. when have a chance
  • Monitor and pay attention to environment quality
  • Executives will have morning talk with employees every Monday morning or first wording day after holiday
  • Various activities of the Company
  • Good remuneration
  • Good career path, be developed knowledge and capability to comply with career progress
  • Good quality of working life
  • Pay proper remuneration and welfare
  • Encourage for the progress of each function according to knowledge and capability of employee
  • Provide an opportunity for employee to participate in management of welfare and quality of working life such as be member of Welfare Committee or Occupational Health and Safety Committee
Shareholder / Investor
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Annual Report
  • Opportunity Day of each quarter
  • Attend road show
  • Constant good return on investment
  • Good Corporate Governance
  • Sufficient information disclosure for investment decision
Treat shareholder according to business ethics as well as respect shareholder’s rights to receive necessary, correct, accurate information as specified by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Securities Exchange and Commission (SEC)
  • Communication as planned
  • Meeting with customer each week / month
  • Meeting with customer on various occasions
  • Customer satisfaction survey
Quality product, on-time delivery with proper price Develop product and service to respond constantly to various requirements as well as operate business based on trust and support
  • Communicate via electronic media and telephone
  • Meeting with partner as planned
  • Fair and transparency selection
  • cceptable payment condition
Realize importance of “Partner” as alliance, treat partner fairly and equally to build trust, develop and maintain good relationship by:
  • Consider for mutual benefit
  • Build opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience and expertise
  • Participate and support creative activity of partner constantly
Competitor Operate business Perform under the rules of fair competition
  • Encourage free and fair competition policy
  • Not unethically or inappropriately seek its partner’s confidential information such as bribing the directors and staff of its competitors, etc.
  • Not destroy competitor’s reputation by negative accusing
Government Agency
  • Report submission to government agency
  • Participation in event and project of government agency
Perform under related laws
  • Perform under laws and strictly report performance result
  • Pay taxes and other expenses according to regulations as specified by government
  • Opportunity day of each quarter
  • Company visit
  • Press interview
Transparently, correctly and promptly disclose information and news
  • Treat all medias fairly and equally

The Key issues

Pathway to Sustainability

According to the results of ESG in 2015, the Company was awarded with ESG100, a turning point from CSR-oriented to sustainable-oriented organization where a pathway to sustainability guides all of the Company’s operation.

Treatment of labor and human rights

The Company always realizes that all employees are the co-worker and valuable asset driving the organization to success. The Company therefore applies fair treatment as follows:

  • Respect right to work under human right principle.
  • Appropriate and fair compensation and welfare taking into consideration an incentive for employee to work at his/her full effort suitable for the assignment and in line with business conduct and maintain at competitiveness.
  • Conserve working environment for safety to life and assets of an employee.
  • Appoint and transfer staff, give reward or impose penalty, act with integrity based on knowledge, competency and suitability of such employee.
  • Strictly observe the laws and regulations relating employee.
  • Give precedence to the development of labor, competency and skill of the staff through fair and impartial opportunity.
Training and Development

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Performance Evaluation

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Satisfaction Evaluation

The Company manages to have a company-wide survey twice a year in order to collect views and suggestions for further plan. In 2015, the results suggest that satisfaction is in the range of medium to good level.

Publicize the result of the survey on employee’s satisfaction

Health Care and Safety

Statistics of work-related accident in 2015

  • Develop policy and plan relating to the management of safety and occupational health and workplace environment as well as tools and equipment, regulation and safety manual while training on safety are given to employees to ensure that they have had basic understanding about safety. This training program is also included in the orientation of new staff.
  • Organize Safety Week to promote recognition of the significance of safety in the workplace and understanding about occupational health

  • Annual health check based on each employee’s health risk

  • Firefighting drill and fire evacuation drill

Join the community in the campaign for sustainable self-reliance

Join the community in the campaign for sustainable self-reliance size 1169 KB.

Innovation for Environment

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Environmental Management

The Company realizes its duties and responsibilities to the environment and therefore adheres to the following practical guideline:

  • Be responsible and committed to conserving the environment as well as local traditions in the surrounding community.
  • Hold activities with community on regular basis aiming at improving quality of life by its own resources or through cooperation with government agency.
  • Prevent accident and control waste emission to be below such acceptable standard.
  • Quick and effective response to such incident having impact on environment and community as a result of the Company’s operation and provide full cooperation with government agency and relevant authority.
  • Promote employee’s spirit and responsibility toward society and environment in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001.
Resource Consumption

The Company’s environmental activities over the past year were in line with statutory requirement and ISO14001. The Company has been accredited continually. It also encourages its staffs to have good conscience and sense of public and environmental responsibility and to consume resources efficiently. Various measures are implemented to control, treat and monitor environmental quality in the workplace.


  1. Develop and seek for knowledge on how to manage and prevent pollution more comprehensively.
  2. Realize sustainable use of resources.
  3. Promote the operation that helps alleviate global warming problem.
  4. Promote education on environment for staffs to become organization culture.
Energy Saving Project

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Pollution and Industrial Waste Management

The Company observes applicable laws by hiring licensed operator to handle and dispose them properly.

Restore environment and ecosystem

Coral Reef Development Staff of SNC GROUP participated in coral reef conservation activity by developing 8 plots of coral reef in order to restore marine ecology and abundance of the east coast.