Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Honesty and transparency

The Company determines to conduct business with integrity, moral and honesty, and to strictly abide by the related laws, rules and regulations.

Knowledge and ability to conduct business

The Company determines to conduct business using our knowledge, understanding, proficiency, and to attentively perform all duties with efficiency, in order to achieve the business targets and optimized the customer’s benefits.

Responsibility to the community and society

The Company determines to maintain the environment and uphold the customs and traditions of the local community that the Company is located. The Company will promptly and proactively respond to the situation that may disturb the local environment and community, including encouraging the effective use of resource.

Responsibility to the shareholder

The Company will perform its duties with utmost honesty, ability and will equitably protect the benefit of all majority shareholders and minority shareholders with fairness.

Responsibility to the customer

The Company will deliver high quality products per the customer’s request or higher than the customer’s expectations and under the fair conditions. The Company will keep the customer’s confidential information and shall not illegally utilize such information for the interests of the Company or related parties. The Company will promptly respond to the customer’s demand and provide an effective system or channel for the customers to complain about the quality of services and products, including strictly follow the customers policy and selecting using the international standard criteria.

Responsibility to the competitors

The Company encourages a free and fair-trade competition, to operate under the rules of competition, and to not unethically or inappropriately seek the competitor’s confidential information, such as, bribing the competitors’ directors or staffs.

Responsibility to the trade partner

To provide equitable treatments to the trade partner that is vital factor of the success of the business and always consider mutual business benefits. The Company will transparently and systematically select the trade partner with standard, including continue to maintain and sustain a reliable relationship with the trade partner and contracting party. The Company will strictly follow the trade partner’s policy by selecting only qualified trading partner and perform a pricing comparison before the engagement, by using international standard criteria for the assessment.

Responsibility to the employee

Provides appropriate and fair remuneration and welfare to the employee, including ensure a safe working environment.

The appointment and transfer of employee, including rewarding and disciplinary will be perform with good faith and based on the knowledge, capacity, and suitability of the employee, including focusing on the employee’s capability and skill. The Company will equally grant the opportunity to the employee, and will strictly abide by the related employment laws and regulations.

The Company provides a channel for the employee to lodge complaint for any wrongful act, and set a guideline to protect the employee or the informant.

Conflict of Interest

The Company determines to avoid any conflict of interest that may arise in the Company or in the subsidiaries, whether from contacting with trading parties, such as, business partner, customer, competitor, or exploiting any opportunity or information received as being a director or staff of the Company for personal interest. The Company has set a measure to manage the situation that may create a conflict of interest between the Company and the customer, in order to provide a fair service to the customer.

Financial status

The Company has a risk assessment for the occurrence that may impact the Company’s performance and status, in addition, the Company has a fund allocation plan to support the business operation, any obligations from the business operation and any future risks.

Treatments for creditor

The Company provides equitably and fairly treatment to all creditors, and based on a fair and mutual reciprocate compensation, strictly follows the obligation under the contract or any agreed-upon terms, and to consistently provide a complete, and correct financial report to the creditor on time.

Non-violation of human rights to all related persons

The Company does not prevent or provide any privileges to any certain individual, the Company does not discriminate against any person’s race, nationality, religion, gender, age, or education institution, and will always consider the employee’s right to safety regarding body and asset, including allow the freedom of political participation under democracy.

The Company provides a channel for related person to lodge complaint and opinion, and set a guideline to protect the complainant or the informant.