Company Policy

Company Policy

Inside Information Policy

The Company has put in place measures for protecting inside information especially such information not yet available to the public or that may have an impact upon business operation or stock price. The policy is as follows:

  • Directors, executives and employees shall refrain from using inside information for one's own benefit in respect of securities trading or sharing such information with others for the purpose of securities trading.
  • Directors and executives shall report the Company's securities trading at least 1 day in advance before such transaction via the Company's secretary and the latter shall report the same to the Board of Directors. Upon completion of such transaction, securities holdings report shall be submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission and directors and executives shall report any change to securities holding to the Board of Directors in order to avoid insider trading and scandal about the appropriateness of securities trading by insider.
  • Directors, executives and employees shall refrain from the Company's securities trading during 1 month before publication of its financial statements or declaration of the Company's status as well as other key information and should wait at least 24 hours after such information has been disclosed to the public before trading the Company's securities.
  • Violation of the above policy for individual benefit shall be subject to punishment ranging from oral warning to dismissal.
Personnel Management and Development Policy

The Company realizes the significance of its personnel as a key to achieving its goal in terms of driving its business and maintaining its leadership in the industry and sustainable growth. As a result, the Company's effort and resources have been input to systematic personnel management and development for all groups of employee to ensure fair treatment in career path promotion. Personnel are provided with range of activities and trainings aimed at skill development and capacity building. The Company has also been focusing on promotion and guarantee of health care, safety and working environment. Employees are expected to be proud of their own organization and able to use their skill and knowledge for individual benefit and the public at large under the following approaches:

  • All personnel are considered the Company's valuable asset.
  • The Company is committed to observing laws and rules and regulation concerning employment and to implementing equitable employment policy ranging from selection, recruitment, appointment, training and capacity building, transfer, promotion, remuneration and welfare.
  • Policy and planning on human resource is determined in order to enable the Company to achieve its business goals. Personnel at all levels are obliged to follow this policy. The Company expects teamwork, unity, good spirit and mutual respect based on determination of all personnel.
  • The Company shall provide support and maintain high-performance personnel to work with the Company as long as possible and establish sense of ownership among the personnel.
  • The Company shall develop personnel skill and knowledge on continual basis through in house and public training to ensure that its personnel possess knowledge, ability, expertise and skill for operation and management and feel confident of their own career path and of readiness for challenges.
  • All of the Company's personnel are systematically evaluated for their performance through transparent and fair method as a basis for promotion of wage and bonus while many campaigns are launched to promote those with excellent performance.
  • The Company shall promote and support its personnel to feel confident about their career path. Promotion of position shall be first given to its qualified staff to fill up vacant position before selecting and recruiting the outsider.
  • The Company shall maintain such personnel with high performance and potential. Progress in career path is planned and implemented such as rotation to cover all departments, special assignment in order to allow such employees to fully demonstrate their ability.
  • The Company shall review and provide benefit comparable to what offered by the Company's competitor taking into account job position, experience, education background and qualification of the personnel and through the application of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and review of the Company's business performance and economic environment; all of which are the basis of personnel management.
Human Right Policy

The Company always gives priority to fair treatment of labor and respect human right principle, the fundamental rights of human being born with equality without considering difference in hometown, race, nationality, color, gender, religion, age, language and individual status and without discrimination against any person. The Company shall also promote realization and acknowledgement of one's rights responsibility toward society and other person and shall refrain from involving in human right violation as follows:

  • The Company shall not support any business enterprise violating universal human right principle and committing dishonest act.
  • The Company shall provide employment terms and conditions that are fair for the employee in terms of appropriate remuneration and welfare based on individual capacity.
  • The Company shall treat employee based on human dignity and respect private right.
  • The Company shall eradicate any discriminating practice and provide equal job opportunity for female, the disable and other disadvantaged groups.
  • The Company shall not hinder or provide any privilege or discriminate any person on the ground of difference in race, nationality, color, gender, religion, age, language, physical condition and health, personal status, social and economic status, social belief, education and political view.
  • The Company shall promote employee's participation and respect the right to gathering by the employee in order to make suggestion or propose work direction and solution for the benefit of all parties and good relationship.
  • The Company shall put in place procedures for following up and supervising its business operation and its employee's act to ensure that the Company and its employee shall in no way do or take part in or neglect any act in violating human rights.
  • The Company shall provide working environment in compliance with occupational health, working safety and environment.
Supplier Policy

The Company adopts policy on impartial and fair treatment with suppliers based on equitable compensation for both parties and avoiding the situation leading to conflict of interest and aiming to maintain sustainable relationship as well as to comply with obligation through provision of accurate and true information. The approach shall be as follows:

  • Consider suppliers as trading partner and a key factor to business success in fair and equitable manner.
  • Select supplier by transparent, systematic and standardized method, develop and maintain sustainable relationship with supplier and contractual party.
  • Strictly comply with contractual obligations and terms and in case of being unable to comply with any term, notify supplier in advance as soon as possible in order to jointly seek for solution.
  • Provide opportunity for supplier who conducts business legitimately and observes environmental, safety and occupational health requirements and demonstrates corporate social responsibility.
  • Facilitate supplier's CSR activities and allow supplier to take part in the Company's CSR activities.
  • Shall not ask for or receive from or give any benefit to supplier not in accordance with honest trading practice. In case it is suspicious that illegitimate benefit has been asked, received or given, shall disclose details to supplier and jointly seek for just and swift solution.
  • Pay mutual respect, report correct, complete and punctual financial status on regular basis.
Policy on Anti-Corruption and Bribery

The Company views that business growth must be based on ethics and virtues and realizes that all kinds of dishonest practice are burden business of either at enterprise or national level. The Company gives priority to this matter and provides guidance for anti-corruption and bribery as follows:

"The Company's directors, executives, staffs and employees shall refrain from doing any act involving dishonest practice, directly or indirectly, whether for individual's, associate's or family's benefit, whether as a receiver, giver or offering person of such bribery, and whether in monetary or non-monetary benefit, to government personnel/agency or private personnel/agency to whom the Company has business contact."

The Company's directors, executives, staffs and employees shall strictly adhere to policy on anti-corruption and bribery to ensure that the Company's transaction is done without any corruption practice and business decision associating with corruption risk is made in prudently and properly. The Company provides the guideline for anti-corruption as follows:

  • Shall refrain from conducting any behavior suggesting bribery is taken or given to interested person involving one's function, directly or indirectly. In order to avoid offering or calling for dishonest privilege or benefit, the following must be observed:
    • Shall not receive or give present, souvenir, cash, cheque, bond, stock, gold, jewelry, real property or similar thing from or to contacting person both in public and private agency.
    • Shall not take any property, thing, present, gift or any other benefit given in order to persuade one to omit one's function.
    • Shall not give any property, thing, present, gift or any other benefit in order to persuade others to make certain decision or to neglect normal trading practice while present traditionally given on special occasion must carry not too much value.
  • Procurement must be done in accordance with the Company's rules and regulations and in transparent and accountable manner.
  • Provide education on anti-corruption for the Board of Director, executives, staffs and employees to establish understanding and promote integrity, honesty, ethics, morality and accountability in rendering one's function.
  • Shall refrain from any kind of bribing act or supporting such practice and in particular, donation for charity and political party shall be subject to control and regulation.
  • Shall not overlook or neglect when activity suspicious of corruption concerning the Company or its affiliates is discovered and such activity must be notified to responsible person and cooperation must be provided for investigation.
  • The Company shall guarantee justice and protection for whistle blower about the corruption matter involving the Company or its affiliates. Protective measures shall be declared in the policy on suggesting, comment, complaint or whistle blowing for the protection of those legally instituting a complaint.
  • This anti-corruption practice shall also cover human resource management including selection and recruitment, promotion, training and performance evaluation and remuneration.

To ensure that the Company's directors, executives, staffs and employees have complied with policy on anti-corruption, the Company shall hold audit for compliance with anti-corruption policy on regular basis at least once a year. This shall include risk assessment for any activity likely to involve corruption or bribery and the review of the approaches and requirements for compliance with relevant laws and moral principle under changing environment.

CSR Policy

The Company is well aware of the significance of corporate social responsibility toward its sustainable growth. As such, it always provides support for activities involving community and social development either conducted by its own or through the cooperation with public and private agency. The Company also places importance upon conservation of traditions of the locality in which the Company is located in order that all parties can exist together peacefully. The approaches shall be as follows:

  • Shall be responsible and committed to conserving environment as well as norms and traditions of the locality in which the organization is situated.
  • Shall carry out activities promoting social welfare and environment in order to help improve quality of life of the community in which the Company is located through either our own initiative or cooperation with government agency and community.
  • Shall take step to prevent accident and control pollution emission within acceptable standard and put in place counter measures for situation adversely affecting environment and community due to the Company's operation through full cooperation with government official and relevant agency.
  • Shall promote spirit and responsibility among the employees toward society and environment under the requirements of ISO 14001 and efficient resource management.
  • Shall conduct business with public mind.
Policy on Safety, Occupational Health and Environment

The Company is determined to conduct its business based on safety, sound occupational heal and good environment proved by its policy, strategy, management approaches and plan leading to becoming an environmental responsible organization. The approaches shall be as follows:

  • The Company shall provide full cooperation and ensure strict compliance with laws and regulations relating to safety, occupational health and environment.
  • The Company shall comply with standards provided under ISO 14001.
  • The Company shall maintain working environment to be safe for life and property of employee, society, community and environment.
  • The Company shall provide support and emphasize activities promoting knowledge and realization among employees the significance of safety and environment and efficient usage of limited resources through various campaigns inside the company including energy saving and renewable energy as well as such community service activities for sustainable development of society, community and environment.
  • The Company shall openly disclose information about the Company's operation in relation to safety, occupational health and environment.
  • The Company shall respond swiftly and effectively against any incident affecting environment and community due to the Company's operation and provide full cooperation with competent officer and relevant agency.
Policy on Submission of Suggestion, Comment, Complaint or Whistle Blowing

The Company always realizes and gives precedence to rights of stakeholders and shall refrain from infringing or diminishing the same. The Company therefore seeks for cooperation with such stakeholders and other relevant party in providing them with channel for lodgment of suggestion or complaint or for giving leads to any act which may be in contradiction to laws, rules and regulations and/or moral principle and may ultimately result in damage to the Company.

It is hereby declared that stakeholders or any person coming across the incident may directly report to the Company at:

Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Audit Committee
SNC Former Public Company Limited
333/3 Moo 6, Bang Phreang Sub-district, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan 10560

Chairman of the Board or the Audit Committee shall directly consider such information and mark it as confidential information in order to give protection to such stakeholder or whistle blower and shall process it fairly by referring to such information and proof for further action.

Policy on Complaint Processing

The Company provides several channels for receiving complaint from its employee such as via his/her supervisor, HR, Chairman of the Board and/or the Audit Committee by following procedures:

  • Person receiving complaint shall gather relevant information about violation or non-compliance.
  • Person receiving complaint shall forward it to the person in charge for verifying the issue and upon completion of investigation of all facts, he/she shall determine resolution for such complaint which shall be notified to the person lodging such complaint and report to the Company.
  • If person lodging complaint is not satisfied with such solution, he/she may submit an appeal to seek for other solution or otherwise take any legal action available to him/her.
  • Person receiving complaint shall forward it to investigator within 7 working days from the date of receipt of such complaint. If person lodging complaint is not satisfied with the solution, he/she may appeal against it within 7 working days from the date of being notified of such solution.
  • Person receiving complaint is obliged to report the outcome to person lodging complaint if the latter disclose him/herself and in case of important matter, Chairman of the Board and/or the Board of Directors must be informed.
Policy on Employee's Remuneration and Welfare

The Company views that employee is a family member entitled to proper care whether he/she is working in any part of the Company and to non-discrimination treatment. The Company therefore provides policy on reasonable compensation for his/her service together with good welfare, safe working environment as the Company always considers that all employees are the Company's significant asset vital to business operation.

In addition, the Company has also set up the Welfare Committee according to the regulation prescribed by the Ministry of Labour and Welfare consisting of representatives from both employer and employees. This Committee is exclusively responsible for determining employee welfare in order to promote employee's motivations and organization loyalty which will be the key for mutual benefit between the two parties and the Company's sustainable growth. This policy which also includes the operation by subsidiaries and affiliates covers the following:

  • The Company shall cause to have fair employment and career path for employee.
  • The Company allows each employee to perform one's best performance with appropriate remuneration and rewards including salary, annual bonus and overtime pay. The employees are also provided with an opportunity to further their study at higher level and to attend internal and external training.
  • The Company provides other forms of welfare to meet the employee's need such as provident fund, scholarship, uniform, transport and grants etc.
  • The Company always reviews benefits and welfare offered for its employee to ensure that they are comparable to those offered by other enterprises in the same industry and subject to employee's job position, experience, education and qualifications and the Company's operation result and socio-economic condition.
Policy on Executive Remuneration

Remuneration for executive shall be paid shall be subject to the Company's operation result and his/her performance.

Fixed remuneration:

  • Salary, car rent, fuel cost, phone cost, house rent, provident fund and social security are paid based on level of job position and performance of each executive.

Variable remuneration:

  • Bonus is paid in the range of 2-3 month subject to the Company's operation result.
Policy on Position holding in other Company by Director or Managing Director

Directorship in other listed company by a director

The Board of Directors views that to ensure that a director shall devote time and effort for the Company's management, director should hold directorship in other listed not more than 5 listed companies and disclose these facts in the annual registration statement (Form 56-1) to be submitted to the shareholders. For more information, see the Stock Exchange of Thailand's website (

Directorship in other company by a director

To maintain optimum performance as a director, the Board of Directors requires that each director be able to hold directorship in other company not more than 5 companies and disclose these facts in the annual registration statement (Form 56-1) to be submitted to the shareholders. For more information, see the Stock Exchange of Thailand's website (

Directorship in other company by a managing director

The Board of Director sets forth the policy for holding directorship in other company by a managing director which requires that before taking position as a director in other company, he/she shall inform the Executive Committee for approval provided that such other company must not be a competitor conducting business of similar nature to that of the Company.

Policy on Independent Director

The Board of Directors is of the view that to ensure that an independent director shall be able to independently audit the management's performance and to provide valuable comments to the policy for the benefit of the shareholder or to object any matter viewed by the independent director as wrongful decision probably affecting the benefit of the shareholders, the Board of Directors prescribes that the independent director's consecutive term of office shall not exceed 9 years from the date of first being appointed to that position.

If it is desirable to appoint such independent to further serve in the same position, the Board of Directors shall reasonably take into account the ground for such reason and submit it to the shareholders' meeting for approval.

Compliance Unit

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support policy and objectives laid by the organization and the executive to ensure they are adequately implemented.
  • Submit analyzed and assessed information to the management in order to improve compliance regulation and to provide adequate information of Compliance Risk status.
  • Provide knowledge on compliance for personnel.
  • Establish a central unit as the same as Call Center to respond to any question and frustration about compliance risk.
  • Prepare for the personnel the operation guideline and manual for proper compliance and update them regularly.
  • Search, identify, measure and assess compliance risk to obtain risk details in advance and to prepare the organization and its personnel in responding to compliance risks in due time.
  • Collect information about compliance problems especially customer claim and comment from regulating agency that may be useful for improvement of compliance measures.
  • Monitor and test compliance regulation performance as necessary and make report.
Policy on Director Selection and Appointment

The Board of Directors shall appoint Nomination Committee to be responsible for selecting and nominating person(s) qualified as chairman of the board and director. Person eligible for being nominated as a director shall have basic qualifications as follows:

  • Marketing: Be familiar with either domestic or overseas market, market segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Operation: Enhance performance of the production line so that it can manufacture better and cheaper product at faster rate and acceptable by the customer.
  • HRD (Human Resource Development): Develop personnel continuously and establish learning organization.
  • Finance: Analyze financial report and apply it for the optimum efficiency.
  • Economic: Be familiar with either domestic or international economy.
  • Political & Laws: Know both local and foreign laws and regulations.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & SRM (Supplier Relationship Management): Establish good relationship with customer and supplier of all levels.
  • Public & Government Relation: Establish good relation network with government and private agency.
  • MIS (Management Information System): Manage information for enhancing operation.
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